Firefly Lights

You've just discovered the amazing FIREFLY MAGIC® Firefly Firefly Lights that accurately recreate the life-like flashing, flickering and glow of Mother Nature's real fireflies in a yard or garden, all year long. So special and unique are these new lights that they have two Patents on their unique design and operation.

It's time to look for a great Christmas
Gift for Friends and Family!

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directly to your gift recipient.

“Tiny Microchip brings Lights to Life . . .
Fireflies can't tell the difference!”

If a firefly can’t tell whether these amazing electronic lights are fellow fireflies or not, think of how you’ll surprise your friends as they stare out at the flashing and flickering of these patented electronic Firefly Magic® Firefly Lights. Kid's love them, adults love them, and what fun they'll give to those special people on your gifts list!

What makes them so realistic? Thanks to the latest computer chip technology these FIREFLY MAGIC® Firefly Lights exactly duplicate the flashing, flickering, and glow of real fireflies in nature. Never before has so much precision been created in a simple to install, home outdoor decorative lighting device.

It's no wonder that we hear from customers that the FIREFLY MAGIC® Firefly Lights are, "the most amazing decorative yard lighting I've ever seen!"